Tuesday, 1 April 2014

One of a kind date : Smelly kind

"I am a compulsive hugger, you see..", she said. "Well in that case ,so do i ",i replied with a well practiced flirtatious smile. She gave that confirmation smile that seemed to acknowledge my flirty comment with grace.
"For a compulsive hugger, you are not that compulsive",i launched my master-stroke. It might seem audacious on the first date, but then again she had passed on her number to me in a train in presence of her mother. She  turned to hug me and curled her arms around my back. Soon, i realised that really was audacious on my part. That stench of sweat and whatever else ...my master stroke had fallen flat on face. Being a gentleman that i am , i said ,"Well that was pleasing to all my 7 senses". She acknowledged the comment with another short hug...thankfully!! "You know i am a sort of a minimalist ",she said. I wondered if minimalists believed in shower. If nothing, her clothes did confirm her minimalist affinities. “Why do we need fancy marble and mirrors when we can manage with a shower and a bucket and four walls”."Oh, she does know about showers, i said to myself and wondered if she used one frequently. I led her to dinner and sat across the table to avoid combat with that stench. I already had too much to deal with ..a smelly chick, a failed date ,a wasted saturday night, etc. "You know, i am just back from a three day tour i took to Ooty, it does wonders for your mind and body" she said. "Clearly!", i added with a covert sarcastic tone. We finished the dinner and tagged along the railings of the mall having routine conversations of how we enjoyed each other’s company. "Let me show you something", i said, dragging her to a perfume store .I grabbed a bottle from my shelf and presented her saying, " i was involved in the making of this fragrance,i would love if you wore it next time we meet ,your feedback would mean a lot to me ".She sounded impressed and said that she did not know a marketing manager of a fragrance company can actually be involved in the formulation of fragrance."Its appealing to the ladies,you see", i replied with a a flirty but careful smile. I drove her back to her place and was thankful to my car fragrance for the first time which i would reject as useless otherwise. I carefully avoided the goodbye hug and escaped with just a wave." See you later",she said .I pointed to the bottle gift bag and uttered, " hope your fragrance precedes you !" and drove on with a sigh.Later that night , i got a message from her number saying "you wanna go to that new water park next week?".I smiled to myself and thanked my stars !

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